Poem: 'Pier proposals'

When we peer into the pier proposals

We can’t help but ask

‘What is the purpose of the pier?’

Is it prosperity without peer with the pier?

Or is it debt and destruction

When we peer at the pier proposals?

What people will come, what will they see?

How much will they spend, what will that cost,

Not just for the pier but the sea people see

And what they like to see under the sea?

Or will some or all of it be lost?

So, I say to the people the people elect

Take heed of the problem of purpose.

The pier will bring people and a good deal of debt.

Probably more than people expect.

The problem of purpose is easy to fix.

Just ask people what their real purpose ix.

And judge it on who stands to gain from a fix

And who stands against

With nothing to gainst.

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