Writer: No to cruise dock

I have not been involved in any debate about the proposed dock but in my opinion we do not need this facility as I mentioned in one of my previous letters. All these years cruise ships have been coming here with our present facilities.

We do not need to be like the rest of the world. Grand Cayman is a small island, and I believe that the majority of tourists appreciate visiting our islands as they are. They do not want to visit some place that looks just like where they are coming from. We have to continue with our uniqueness. Believe it or not but our uniqueness will put or keep us at the top of the “Best Places to Visit.”

I also keep hearing or reading about how much in debt the Cayman Islands are. We do not wish our small islands to look like other places, and it seems like it is going to cost a fortune, too. Our Caymanians will not benefit from this in terms of employment either, as is always claimed. Caymanians need to get the jobs that are available now but they could not have.

Now I am hearing and reading about relocating our coral reef which will be affected by the construction of this “dock.” God forbid! We do not want to do that; we must not trouble our coral reefs that God gave us to help protect our islands from damage during hurricanes. Whose idea was this anyway?

The cruise ships will continue to come here because of our uniqueness; however, there are improvements that can be done to the port that would make it more easier for passengers and enjoyable, too. I have written about these things in the past.

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And as for the mega cruise ships, we do not wish to have them come here; not only can we not accommodate them but, as a lady said on the news a few weeks back, we do not need them. Whose idea was this?

I believe from what has been happening in our islands for quite some time now, the majority of MLAs have disappointed the voters, to a great extent.

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  1. Unique? What is truly unique about Cayman? We are 50% of a population ? We are losing our worth ,our values, our compassion ,our youth, our houses, people living on the beach , people sleeping in on the streets, cost of living? Do we really think tourists who come here for a good time or experience want to be the only one at the bar, beach, store?
    Well, if they do then they are probably coming here to fix the problem. The only way we are going to fix these problems is volume . Why volume? its an economic principle supply and demand thats how we are going to save this nation. Yes its about MONEY, It’s not about GREED. We need money to solve our daily problems, ourselves our children and grandchildren.
    A lady was complaining to me that I should do something else for a living, like what? Compete in her business . You see she has a business with no competition on this island. Whereas I do . I’m not crying about it . I’m trying to make it work so that more people can join and do the same as I do. She is not in fact, no one on their side.
    Have you seen or heard anyone offering to train anyone as a dive master or Instructor What truly are they offering to solve the socio-economic problems that life has sent us ? Nothing except to complain and stop an entire industry that could help a lot of people. You want uniqueness? Try and hire some people who are suffering on this island

  2. @David miller
    You need money to solve your daily problems?
    Sorry for being so blunt, but 1 billion dollars (not sure USD or KYD) is still unaccounted for. (Auditor General: $1 billion ‘unaccounted for’22 October, 2014)

    Re-read Compass’ Editorial 19 February, 2015 "GASBOY, continued: Fuel for abuse of public funds" .

    May be, after all, you don’t so much need money, but rather need to learn how to spend it?

    If money match your intelligence, they serve you, if not, they destroy you.