Nutrition and cancer prevention

Can we really prevent cancer? What steps can we take to help protect ourselves from this potentially life-threatening disease?

These are important questions that have definitive answers. They are important questions for every person to consider.

We can help ourselves to have a fighting chance against this and other potentially life-threatening diseases by maintaining a healthy immune system.

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense against sickness and disease. We build the immune system through:

– Eating nutrition-rich foods

– Healthy physical activity

– Antioxidant protection

– Cessation of habits such as smoking

– Stress management

A tired, stressed and under-nourished body is far more likely to succumb to colds, viruses and diseases than a healthy body. Nutrition is first step in building a healthy immune system. Foods rich in antioxidants and fiber fuel us for life. Eat well. Make your dollars matter when it comes to feeding yourself and your family good, wholesome food. Forget the cellophane world of food; eat wholesome foods.

Being overweight increases the likelihood of cancer. Lose weight.

Walk. Today’s research is showing that women who walk daily have less risk of certain cancers as walking can help lower levels of estrogen in the body. Develop a healthy activity program…get out and enjoy Cayman’s beaches, trails, gyms and waters. Join the upcoming Stride Against Cancer walk/run this Sunday with Christine Sanders, general manager of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Running on adrenaline? Turn off the stress hormones. Stress is agitation that can affect us down to a cellular level. The adrenaline addiction is extremely destructive to the body. Find balance, peace, and tranquility of mind.

Stress is reported to be the single most destructive force in diminishing health. Breathe, sigh, stretch and de-stress in a yoga programme or yoga spa retreat, a great gift to yourself or your loved one.

Find space in your day to slow down the pace of life.

Restoring your health and building a strong immune system is a personal project and lifestyle decision for each one of us. Health is a great gift to treasure and treat with care. Take preventative measures today. Seek help and support when needed.


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