Make Dr. Roy a hero

On Monday we remembered our National Heroes, but I feel one of our greatest heroes is hardly known to most young and paper Caymanians.

The man who stood alone, strong, determined that the Cayman Islands would have a better future; a man who persuaded the others to remain as a Crown Colony and not to see independence or remain a part of the Jamaican administration.

That gentleman, as many older Caymanians know, was Dr. Roy McTaggart.

To myself and many more he should have been recognised as a National Hero many years ago, as he always said ‘You can believe that if you like.’

Don’t give us any of that excuse of not enough time. I don’t think any of the MLA’s would have any objections.

Two this I ask: One that his family publish a short history of his life and work and two, all true Caymanians call the talk shows and write to the newspapers to have this done.

He stood firm and gave us our key, our opportunity to be the success we are today. Let us now stand firm to have his deeds remembered.

One love.

Clive A. Christian