Firearm letter was illogical

In a letter addressed to you on 31 December, 2007, Mr. John Mosso said, among other things, ‘In a small place such as Cayman I can’t imagine any reason why the average person would want or need to possess a firearm. The risk of injuring someone by accident in such a place is just too great. I feel the same way for city dwellers in the US. Just where is someone going to find a safe place to fire a weapon without potential injury to someone? It’s time we all did something to reduce this growing menace.’

The very least I could say in response to Mr. Mosso’s opinion is the following:

He should understand the facts rather than depending on his imagination for launching such an attack. His claim that, ‘The risk of injuring someone by accident in such a place [Cayman] is just too great.’ is simply factually incorrect. How is it that we have been able to do so safely for well over 100 years? Does that indicate that we know something he doesn’t?

The ‘menace’ that he should be focused on is controlling or stopping criminals; however, by definition criminals do not obey laws, and for him to blame any inanimate object for a criminal’s action, but more specifically legal firearms, is as senseless as blaming pencils for misspelling words.

As a certified firearms instructor and owner, I am willing to discuss any legitimate concern, but I reject his misguided attack because it is unfair, factually void and illogical.

Dennie Warren Jr.