Chamber training under way

The Professional Development and Training Centre, a division of the Chamber of Commerce, is inviting Chamber members and future members to register for upcoming courses.

The courses offered by the centre cover various topics and are suitable for entry level employees straight through to the management level, stated a press release.

Coming up in the next few weeks are one-day and two-day courses:

February 4: Goal Setting for Supervisors. This course will teach managers how to set goals while making them measurable and meaningful to the organisation.

February 12 and 14: Speak Up to Move Up. This course is designed to help people improve their skills in speaking before a group or on a one-to-one basis.

February 20: Performance Based Interviewing. This new is aimed at improving interviewing skills. PBI is a powerful interviewing method that accurately predicts the future performance of job candidates.

February 21: Advanced Sales Skills. This course is aimed at updating and refreshing the skills and techniques used by sales people everyday. Selling successfully requires skill. Many potential sales are lost simply because the sales people do not understand the basic practices for selling effectively. This course has wide appeal and provides a firm foundation for building a professional sales staff.

February 22: Delegating for Results. Smart leaders employ delegation to accomplish organisational goals while increasing the competencies and confidence of their staff. The aim of this seminar is to teach managers the proper use of delegation in their firm.