Lladró Stingray makes debut

Angeles Lladró, daughter of the eldest of the three founding Lladró brothers, will be at Bayshore Mall on 7 February to introduce the Lladró Stingray, a new design exclusively available in the Cayman Islands.

Designed after the southern stingray, which has become a symbol of tourism in the Cayman Islands, the Lladró Stingray follows the Cayman Islands Traveller piece, another Lladró piece that was developed exclusively for the Cayman Islands, said a press release from Kirk Freeport Plaza.

Angeles Lladró’s appearance will provide a rare opportunity for residents and visitors to have their favourite pieces personally signed by a member of the renowned family. Ms Lladró will also be signing other pieces, such as Romanticism-themed figurines, which make elegant gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Ms. Lladró will be at the Lladró boutique at Bayshore Mall from 9am to 11am., and 12noon to 1:30pm. Pre-orders are currently being taken at the Lladró boutique. Call 949-7477 ext. 636 for more information.

Angeles Lladró studied graphic design, sculpture and painting, and has worked at the Lladró Museum in New York. Given her serious interest in the process of elaboration for porcelain, she further trained in Spain for three years in the production department of Lladró and participated in the Creativity Committee.

She joined the Board of Directors in 2003. Besides her executive duties, she also represents the family at official and promotional events. Ms. Lladró is married with two children.

The Lladro boutique in Grand Cayman is owned and operated by Kirk Freeport Plaza Ltd.