C&W focuses on mobile market

Cable & Wireless bmobile reported an excellent Christmas campaign with sales up significantly from previous years.

The company introduced a new range from mobile phone maker Samsung as well as new lines from Motorola and Nokia. Many customers walked away winners during the holiday season as over 10,000 prepaid bmobile customers received free credit as a thank you for their loyalty. Other customers won great prizes such as Ipod Nanos and Nintendo Wii gaming consoles, states a press release.

In addition to the success of the company’s final 2007 campaign, throughout the year Cable & Wireless focused on the needs of the mobile market and as such recently introduced four new services to meet the demands of today’s customers. The new services cater to all demographics of the mobile market with something for everyone. As more customers rely on their mobile phone as their main means of communicating, Cable & Wireless assures their customers that they will be quick to market with services that will help them communicate in cost effective ways.

Prepaid customers can now share their bmobile credit with family and friends with the introduction of Credit Share: a service, which allows customers to share any amount of credit between $5 and $200 with fellow prepaid customers. Even when travelling, customers can send and receive credit while roaming so everyone can stay in touch. To register for this service go to the Cable & Wireless website or call the 24 hour customer service centre at 811. Leaflets explaining how to register and send are available at any C&W store.

The company is now launching the service for residential postpaid bmobile customers. Individual Calling Circle includes unlimited calling across all three islands with five of your favourite family members and friends. Postpaid customers can nominate other C&W customers from all Cable & Wireless phones including postpaid and prepaid mobile customers, landline and NetSpeak customers. So for just $10 per month per number, nominated customers can have unlimited calling to their friends and family. Another great feature of this service is that all five friends/family members can also call each other for free once they are in the circle.

In addition to the two services for residential mobile customers C&W is also offering a new service to its business customers. BlackBerry Passport offers business customers unlimited data roaming for only $20 per month. This service allows customers to manage their costs while travelling for business or pleasure. BlackBerry Passport customers can send and receive emails, download information from the Internet and browse the web from anywhere in the world for one low monthly price.

If you are a Cable & Wireless residential mobile customer you can now get high speed Broadband access for as low as $25 per month for up to 1Mbps.

To find out more about C&W bmobile offerings visit one of their stores, partner agents, call 811 or visit their website www.cw.ky