Poll: follow constitution process

More than half of the 235 respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll say they will follow the public consultation process concerning the constitution modernisation at least fairly closely.

The largest segment of respondents – 80 people or 34 per cent – said they would follow the process very closely.

‘It is a must,’ said one person. ‘Although with major changes regarding the governor’s powers, the UK will simply stamp a huge no on it and we’ll have to do it over.’

‘As citizens, we must be more empowered and our rights and freedoms as humans protected more, along with a serious decision as to whether we stay completely under the crown or start making steps to become our own country,’ said someone else.

Another 42 people – 17.9 per cent – said they would follow the constitution process fairly closely.

‘As it stands, the average expat would need to be here for over 40 years to qualify to run for public office,’ wrote one person. ‘Even the requirement to be a status holder for 25 years prior to being eligible to run for office is extreme when compared to other first world nations.’

In addition, 60 people – 25.2 per cent – said they would follow the constitution modernisation process ‘just a little bit’.

Only 43 people – 18.3 per cent – said they would not follow the process at all.

‘A referendum that can only have a yes or no vote is totally inappropriate for this situation,’ said one person.

Another 10 people – 4.3 per cent – said they didn’t know how closely they would follow the public consultation process.

‘It seems scary,’ said one respondent.