Today’s Editorial February 12: The Great Guinness Crisis

One of the problems of living on an island is that favourite food and drink doesn’t always make it to our shores.

We’ve got quite a melting pot of people from more than 100 nationalities living in the Cayman Islands and each person who arrives here from another country is bringing not only his or her cultural identities, but their preferences in food and drink.

For the most part many people can and do find favourites at our supermarkets, restaurants, bars and liquor stores.

Some of us horde favoured items when we find them at supermarkets and retailers, especially if we know it’s highly unlikely we’ll see those items on retailers’ shelves again for a long time.

But what’s happening in Grand Cayman pubs is a nightmare.

The taps of Guinness have run dry.

This travesty has occurred during the Six National Rugby tournament and in the run up to St. Patrick’s Day.

We have to question, did Guinness aficionados really drink more of the dark-coloured stout beer during the holidays or is there a more sinister reason for the deprivation.

Promises are being made that a shipment of Guinness is to arrive on Grand Cayman later this week.

That’s the same promise one pub heard last week.

We hope the Cayman Islands is not forced to remember Saint Patrick without the tradition of downing a few pints of Guinness.


We hope the Great Guinness Crisis is settled, and soon.

Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, 17 March.

Christians and non-Christians will wear green, eat Irish food and or green food and imbibe in Irish drink, usually Guinness.

And we hope a valuable lesson has been learned through this crisis. Guinness drinkers get cranky when they have to lower themselves to drinking tropical fruity drinks or – horror of horrors – wretched watered-down American beer.

Please keep those stocks up and anticipate bumps in consumption and possible delays in shipping.

If Cayman is left Guinness-less on St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sure to feel the patron saint rolling in his grave.