Lobster Pot Dive Center opens

The dive shop that was known and operated for years as Bob Soto’s diving opened officially recently as the Lobster Pot Dive Center. Three small dive operators who also have extensive history in Grand Cayman are the brain children behind the new dive centre.

Lobster Pot Drive Center

The Lobster Pot Dive Center is open and ready for action. Photo: Submitted

Giles Charlton Jones from Wall to Wall Diving, Danny Kupkowski from Off the Wall Divers and Nick Buckley from Deep Blue Divers put their heads together and decided to re-open this very famous spot on North Church Street.

They remodelled the dive shop interior, the dock was rebuilt and the operation is ready to take divers out. Tanks are filled on sight, divers are greeted and set up here and the three operators also offer pick up services. Passing pedestrians can pop in for a resort course or simply browse the extensive and originally designed retail selection that graces the shelves.

Danny, Giles and Nick have outstanding reputations as professional operators in Grand Cayman and to ensure their continued professionalism and service, they have instructors that will ensure only the best and safest experience for divers. From Wall to Wall Diving Dusty Norman and Gary Frost bring the clients over 20 years of diving tales and adventures. From Deep Blue Divers Patrick Weir and Rick Bennet share their unique experiences with those joining them down under. From Off the Wall divers Ivan Monteith and Marty Banks brings almost a lifetime of diving experience both overseas and locally.

The dive centre also offers digital photo and video services.

The Lobster Pot Dive Center is open seven days a week and welcomes anyone who would like to know more about the underwater world.