Book drive for ICCI

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central, in partnership with the International College of the Cayman Islands, is requesting the help of Cayman Islands residents in restocking the college library which was destroyed during Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

While the campus of ICCI has been rebuilt, including a new library, there are no textbooks to fill the shelves, stated a press release.

‘March is Rotary International Literacy Month and Rotary Central will be organising a series of activities to increase awareness of the need to improve literacy initiatives in the Cayman Islands,’ said Mr. Pineau, Director of Vocational Services for Rotary Central.

‘When I met with Mr. Scott Cummings from ICCI about Rotary’s plans for literacy, it became obvious that the college needed assistance with rebuilding its library during a presentation to our club. We hope that the community responds to our call for assistance either by contributing funds or books that are needed to restock ICCI’s library.’

For those who have attended an overseas college or university, or know of someone who has, and would like to enlist the assistance of their alma-matter in restocking the library please contact Nickii Sonnenberg at 345 939-9784 or [email protected].

A packet listing the textbooks required to restore the library to its former status, a template request letter and shipping instructions are available. Cayman Airways is providing free shipping from Miami to Grand Cayman.

ICCI was founded in 1970 with land for the campus donated by Cayman’s first National Hero, James Manoah Bodden. The first class graduated in 1973. The college earned accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools in Washington, D.C. in 1979.

‘If everyone on the island asked their graduating college or university to donate one book, the library would be fully restocked,’ said Mrs. Nickii Sonnenberg of Rotary Central during a presentation made by ICCI president Scott Cummings.

In addition to being the first tertiary institution in the Cayman Islands, ICCI will also be starting a free literacy programme in the summer of 2008. This programme will be available to students on summer break and to the community.


Rotary Central will be coordinating the book donations. Donations received from individuals, colleges and universities outside of the Cayman Islands will be consolidated in a central location in the US and the UK prior to being shipped.