Streetskill promotes scooter safety

Throughout the month of February, scooter users in the Cayman Islands will be encouraged to consider their safety while riding and the security of their scooters when they are not.

Members of the Streetskill committee chose to target scooter safety during the month of February following a number of collisions involving scooters and a series of scooters being stolen, stated a press release.

Many residents in the Cayman Islands use scooters as not only a means of transport but also as a hobby and it is essential that riders do all they can to keep themselves safe.

‘Scooters need to be kept in good condition with all components in working order and riders need to consider their actions on the roads carefully,’ said Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan. ‘Brakes need to maintained, lights need to be operational and horns should be functional. Extra precautions such as wearing gloves and light clothes, in addition to the required helmets, should also be considered.’

Streetskill member Aileen Samuels from the Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council also stressed the need for riders and motorists to pay attention. ‘Riders and drivers need to be responsible, particularly on busy roads,’ she said. ‘Both need to look out for each other and be aware of their actions. Always use indicators to let others know what you are going to do and look in all directions before manoeuvring.’

The Commissioner added that traffic laws which apply to motorists also apply to persons riding scooters. ‘All signs and signals need to be obeyed by riders,’ he said. ‘In addition, riders will dramatically decrease their chances of being involved in a collision if they ride on the correct side of the road – which is the left, alongside the traffic and overtake only on broken white lines on the right of the traffic travelling in the same direction as you.’

In addition, owners should make sure their scooter is secure when left unattended.

Owners are being encouraged to invest in a heavy duty chain which can be fitted through the wheel base of the scooter and attached to a secure object preventing it from being taken away.

Officers are also asking that anyone who is offered a scooter for sale at a low price or without the necessary documents to contact their local police station immediately.

Throughout the month of February adverts will run in the cinema, in the print media and information leaflets will be distributed across the Island, particularly at scooter rental businesses.