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Police get 4 new armed response vehicles

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has added four custom-built Chevrolet Tahoe vehicles to its Firearms Response Unit fleet. The SUVs have been fitted...

EDITORIAL – Commissioner Byrne: Welcome, make yourself at home

Thanks largely to the efforts of previous leaders, including ex-Police Commissioner David Baines and Acting Commissioner Anthony Ennis, we can assert authoritatively that our streets are safe, our property is secure, and the Rule of Law prevails. It is crucial that we keep it that way. It is with great confidence that we entrust that duty to Commissioner Derek Byrne.

EDITORIAL – Baines departure: A loss for the Cayman Islands

In a laboratory, there are certain chemicals that, individually, are benign or even beneficial — but, when combined, create nitroglycerine. In the real world, two such substances are politics and policing.

EDITORIAL – Missing boaters: A regrettable response to the police response

When a tragedy occurs, a natural reaction is to look for reasons … then, failing that — to look for scapegoats.

3rd request

EDITORIAL – Should police pack heat on the beat?

The news that more armed police officers have been put on regular patrol shifts is not cause for alarm, or even concern, but is...

New courthouse closer to reality

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie announced on Wednesday the specific steps that have been taken to make a new courthouse a reality. He was speaking at the formal opening of Grand Court for 2016 after a ceremonial inspection of a police guard of honor outdoors.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Top stories of 2015: Bush, McLaughlin take legal action

Both Cayman's premier and opposition leader got litigious over the 2013 general election during 2015.

50 years ago: Commissioner's cocktail party, and Christmas arrivals

The Dec. 22, 1965 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a predecessor of the Cayman Compass, had lots to report on notable social events leading up the Christmas holidays, including one marking a long-awaited move-in for the Police Commissioner:

Panton: Spearfishing rules may be changed

Environment Minister Wayne Panton indicated Wednesday that long-standing rules banning the importation of spear gun parts and the granting of new spearfishing licenses could be changed, depending on recommendations from the National Conservation Council. The issue was raised Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly.

Whistleblower oversight added to understaffed watchdog office

A government watchdog office which has no permanent leadership and whose future has been uncertain for more than a year will be given responsibility for monitoring whistleblower cases, Cayman Islands Deputy Governor Franz Manderson has confirmed.

Police commend officers for bravery, proactive work

Seven police officers, along with the Air Operations Unit and the Drugs and Serious Crime Task Force, received commendations from the Commissioner of Police Tuesday at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s annual all-staff meeting.

Bush demands meeting on drugs stolen from police station

Cayman’s opposition party leader is demanding a private meeting with the police commissioner and deputy governor to discuss the status of a criminal investigation into the theft of large amounts of cocaine and ganja from a police storage bin earlier this year.

Whistleblower bill can nullify contracts

Any attempt to prevent workers from reporting wrongdoing against employers by inserting language into their contracts prohibiting such reports would make those contracts illegal and unenforceable, according to proposed whistleblower protection legislation made public last week.

Police chief denies Bush conspiracy

Commissioner of Police David Baines has denied being involved in any conspiracy to unseat former Premier Mckeeva Bush as the elected leader of the Cayman Islands.

More revelations on police station drugs theft

Opposition lawmakers took the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to task Thursday for what they alleged was an attempt to “hide” and to “lie” to the public regarding the theft of drugs from the George Town Police Station this summer.

Police Commissioner: Caribbean not immune to terror threat

Commissioner of Police David Baines says the Caribbean region is not immune to the threats stemming from global terrorism.

Premier says conspiracy evidence fabricated, signatures forged

Evidence intended to be used to disprove Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin’s case during the course of an upcoming civil trial is fabricated and, in some cases, contains forged signatures, the premier alleged.

Officer: 'Bryan was protecting me'

A female police officer told a court Wednesday that Kenneth Bryan, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and assaulting police, was protecting her from her ex-boyfriend prior to his arrest.

Man found wearing bulletproof vest at airport fined $1,000

Bulletproof vests are illegal without a permit, a man found out when he wore one at the airport.

McLaughlin v. Bush: The People's House or the courthouse?

While McKeeva Bush’s parliamentary motion and Alden McLaughlin’s defamation lawsuit are related, they are not equal. Though both are political in nature, one measure is “public,” and the other is “personal.”

Bush seeks removal of anti-corruption Commission members

Cayman's opposition leader targets the membership of the territory's Anti-Corruption Commission in a legislative motion.

Firearms, drugs seizures from travelers increase

Cayman's customs service picks up its enforcement on illegal drugs and guns.

Premier dismisses conspiracy allegations

Premier Alden McLaughlin has dismissed allegations that he was involved in any “conspiracy” along with the governor and others to depose former leader of the country McKeeva Bush.

Bridger not interviewed in criminal case

Former Cayman Islands corruption investigator Martin Bridger confirmed this week that he has never been interviewed in connection with a criminal probe that is apparently going forward against him.

Bush motion alleges conspiracy 'toppled' UDP government

Cayman's former premier alleges a far-reaching conspiracy to remove him from office prior to the last election.

Dozens of officers screened for drugs

Nearly 50 Royal Cayman Islands Police officers and civilian staff members have been drug tested since the start of this year, including one police officer that was suspended after failing the test.

Cayman's finest honored

A sold-out crowd of 450 filled the Royal Ballroom at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, on Friday night in support of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, its officers and its Police Welfare Fund.

Judge rules to keep Tempura documents from public

In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a visiting Cayman Islands Grand Court judge on Monday agreed that hundreds of pages of records related to the ill-fated Operation Tempura police corruption investigation should be withheld from public release.

Crown closes case in CNB robbery trial

The prosecution concluded its case Thursday afternoon against four men accused of robbing a branch of Cayman National Bank in June 2012 and stealing half a million dollars.

Witness can't recall phone messages after CNB robbery

Marlon Dillon maintains police promised his would be relocated.

Governor: Baines BVI assignment won't affect Cayman work

Cayman's governor says an extracurricular assignment shouldn't keep Police Commissioner David Baines away from his work.

Baines 'no confidence' motion delayed

West Bay MLA Bernie Bush is postponing his planned vote of no confidence motion in Police Commissioner David Baines.

Mother Who?: UK not OK for Cayman PR

The British aren't coming! The British aren't coming! ... And neither are the Jamaicans, Filipinos, Americans and Canadians ...

Governor and Bush meet on tirade

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush pushes for a resolution to the situation involving the former health minister.

Shooting in West Bay second in three days

Gun violence in West Bay district appears to be rising once again.

Governor Helen Kilpatrick: Commissioner Baines 'has my full support'

Cayman's governor fully supports the territory's police commissioner following some politicians' calls for his resignation.

Lawmaker threatens motion to oust Baines

A West Bay lawmaker calls for Cayman's commissioner of police to quit or be fired.

Writer ‘saddened’ by calls for Baines’s resignation

Former RCIPS officer laments "apparent xenophobic attitudes" in the wake of controversy over Cayman police officer convicted of murder in Jamaica.

Attorney: Informant’s evidence ‘inadmissible’

The evidence of Crown witness Marlon Dillon should not have been admitted in the trial of men charged with the WestStar robbery, attorney Anthony Akiwumi argued on Thursday.

Professionals trained in domestic violence issues

Government professionals are trained in dealing with domestic violence issues.

Former Governor Duncan Taylor: ‘Quiet bottle of bubbly’ if McKeeva charged with crimes

The former governor of the Cayman Islands Duncan Taylor suggested a “quiet bottle of bubbly” would be in order if McKeeva Bush was charged with criminal offenses, in a series of emails to a British foreign office official read out in Grand Court.

Manderson: Personal use of gov’t credit card ‘wrong’

WEDNESDAY, 9 a.m. update: As the cross-examination of Deputy Governor Franz Manderson continued on Tuesday afternoon, McKeeva Bush’s defense team produced a series of emails from former Governor Duncan Taylor which they suggested showed there was a “conspiracy” to bring down Mr. Bush.

No policy on gov’t credit cards, jury hears

There was no policy banning ministers and senior civil servants from making personal purchases and obtaining cash advances on government credit cards prior to July 2010, the jury in the trial of ex-premier McKeeva Bush heard Wednesday.

Viewing our safety and security as national treasures

A more aggressive approach to law enforcement is needed to address the increase in crime on Grand Cayman, which threatens safety and security, a vital component in the country's tourism product.

Operation Tempura: A saga seemingly without end

The Governor's decision to seek judicial review on a decision of the Acting Information Commissioner requiring the release of documents related to Operation Tempura goes against the spirit of the Freedom of Information Law.

Cayman calls for probe

A Caymanian prisoner who died in a Panama jail cell had been in negotiations with officials in his homeland to be transferred out of the dangerous Central American prison.

Writer: Six-month wait for accident report?

Writer says there seems to be a shortage of police officers to discharge traffic-related duties.

Police discipline an area ‘to improve on’

Cayman's deputy governor says some improvements are needed in the area of police discipline.

Bringing some reason to our weapons laws

If the battle between David and Goliath had taken place in the streets of Grand Cayman, Goliath would have won.

Bush: Further on the Auditor General’s report

Former Premier McKeeva Bush expands on his defense against allegations made in a recent report on travel expenses by the Auditor General's Office.

No answers on missing police data

Government is coming up blank in the search to recover corrupted police files.

Police backup drives also corrupted in computer crash

Searches for a large amount of apparently irretrievable police data continued Thursday with a new revelation that some backup drives were also corrupted in a hard drive crash.

Malaysian fraudster had 78 credit cards

A Malaysian national was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment after using forged credit cards.

Two years on, rock-throwing lawsuit remains unresolved

A lawsuit over an arrest in connection with the Bodden Town rock-throwing incidents languishes in legal limbo.

A fine evening to 
honor Cayman’s finest

In what has become one of Grand Cayman’s most anticipated events on the social calendar, guests gathered Friday evening for the annual Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Awards gala at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

Bill encourages whistleblowing 
in public and private sectors

Public and private sector employees would have protection against retaliation under a draft 'whistleblower' bill.

How public views court sentences

Maura McGown QC spoke about challenges to the judicial system, including public perceptions on sentencing.

Government to reconsider ban on importing spear guns

Lawmakers will review a ban on the importation of spear guns and their replacement parts in the coming months.

Kernohan suit settled for undisclosed sum

Attorneys for former police commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Cayman’s government have reached a settlement in the wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Mr. Kernohan in May 2009.

Police seek window tinting blackout

Local police go after drivers with illegally tinted windows and obscured license plates.

Diamonds International Store robbed at gunpoint; Baines intercepts suspects

With the personal intervention of Police Commissioner David Baines at 8 a.m. on New Year’s Day, police halted a three-man armed robbery at North Church Street’s Diamond’s International Watch and Design.

Cuba MOU talks to start in new year

Cayman authorities will meet their Havana counterparts early in the new year to negotiate revisions to the 1999 memorandum of understanding prescribing the treatment of illegal Cuban immigrants.

Human Rights Commission: UK, Cayman must justify wiretap plan

Neither the Cayman Islands nor United Kingdom government has properly justified the exclusion of the judiciary in the issuance of investigative warrants allowing local police to intercept phone calls, emails and other private communications, according to the Human Rights Commission.

Opposition leader says police tapped his phone

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush accuses the UK of "illegal" wiretaps.

Foreign office adviser ‘had no operational role’ in Tempura

The UK foreign office leaps up to defend its man in the Operation Tempura fiasco.

Defending our most precious freedom

As government – not ours but theirs, meaning the United Kingdom – insists on moving forward with an expanded program to listen to our telephone conversations, interdict our text messages, and, presumably, monitor our Internet browsing, we as a people would be ill-advised to respond to this assault on our privacy with passivity or silence.

McKeeva: The judiciary 
should control wiretapping

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush, in a letter published in Monday’s Caymanian Compass (Page 4), argues that powers granted to the police under the Interception of Telecommunication Regulations “should only be used in very sparing circumstances and in a manner in which permission to do so is given by an impartial tribunal such as the courts.”

Bush: Give judges oversight over wiretapping

Former Premier McKeeva Bush says the governor should not be the decider on domestic spying.

Judge, not governor, 
should oversee wiretapping

Writer argues for judicial oversight over wiretapping in the Cayman Islands.

Caymanian cop’s firing called ‘indefensible’

A veteran RCIPS officer asks a judge to review his dismissal from the police service in 2011.

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