Crown closes case in CNB robbery trial

No U.K. relocation promise made, deputy commissioner says

The prosecution concluded its case late Thursday afternoon against four men accused of robbing a branch of Cayman National Bank in June 2012 and stealing half a million dollars.  

The final evidence the jury heard was a series of admissions – facts about the case that the Crown and defense attorneys agreed about. 

On Thursday morning, Deputy Commissioner of Police Stephen Brougham was called as a Crown witness so that defense attorneys could ask him questions about Marlon Dillon. Dillon is the Crown witness who pleaded guilty to his role in the CNB robbery and then gave evidence against the four men on trial – David Tamasa, Rennie Cole, George Mignott and Andre Burton. 

Mr. Brougham said he had been loosely responsible for the welfare of Dillon since his arrest. 

Defense attorney Paul Keleher asked if Mr. Brougham, or any other officer in his presence, had ever promised Dillon that he would be relocated to the U.K. “No,” Mr. Brougham replied. 

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The officer said he did make an offer of another place to which Dillon could be relocated with safety. Mr. Brougham said the location was put to Dillon on Nov. 6, 2014, the day he was sentenced.  

The attorney noted that the jury was already aware that Dillon had received a reduced sentence and was “basically a free man.” The witness agreed. He also told the court he had specifically been asked to ask Dillon if he would give evidence in this trial. Dillon told him he wanted to discuss the matter with his attorney. 

Mr. Brougham said he reassured Dillon that the police duty of care continued. “My sole responsibility was his safety,” he said. 

Earlier in the week, the court heard from phone data analyst Joanne Delaney. She produced records of phone communications between the various numbers attributed to Dillon and the defendants. She agreed that the location of LIME and Digicel towers around the island could give only an approximation of where the cellphones would be when communicating. One reason, she explained, is that service areas overlap. 

The jury was released until noon on Monday. 

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