Writer: Six-month wait for accident report?

Despite the millions of dollars given to the RCIPS, there still seems to be a shortage of officers in the traffic department.

Case in point: Someone applied and paid $100 for a police report regarding a fender-bender traffic accident that occurred the first part of June 2014. They were told that they may have to wait up to six months to get the report. That means that the insurer of the person in question has to wait all of that time to find out from the police which driver was at fault, and hopefully get their client’s car repaired. This is totally unacceptable from the traffic department, and the Commissioner of Police needs to look into what is happening in that department. Seems to me that somebody is protecting a friend.

And another thing – Recently a friend of mine had to go to the Elections Office for their voters card. They were ashamed of the deplorable condition that the office was in, spots of dirt was on the floor, dust was all over the place, they had to say to themselves that if [Kearney] Gomez was still in charge, the office would never look like it does. Come on, [Supervisor of Elections Wesley] Howell, treat your election workers and members of the public better than you are doing.

Editor’s Note: For the sake of clarity, we add that the RCIPS Traffic Management Unit was “de-established” in 2011 as a distinct departmental entity, and normal traffic duties were assigned to patrol officers. Elected officials have also recently expressed concerns on this issue, as the Cayman Compass reported June 9, “Lawmakers question traffic enforcement decline.”

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