Today’s Editorial February 14: Courts need moving

There has been some concern expressed over the moving of the planned new courts building.

The new building, proposed for construction on Lyndhurst Avenue behind Jose’s Esso, would house the magistrate’s courts

Those are the courts where the average Joe finds himself more often than in Grand Court.

It’s in magistrate’s courts that small claims civil matters are settled. The courts also hear criminal matters and it’s where coroner’s inquests are held.

Because if its nature, there is more people traffic in the magistrate’s courts than in Grand Court.

That’s why it should be moved from downtown.

Finding a place to park in downtown George Town is next to impossible these days.

Hopefully they will allow traffic tickets to be paid at the new courts building. Right now people are resorting to parking illegally to pay parking tickets in town. Imagine parking your vehicle to pay a traffic fine and finding on your return a ticket on your window for illegal parking. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The parking situation has become deplorable downtown.

Our journalists who cover the Legislative Assembly have even found themselves having to walk from our offices on Shedden Road to the House on Fort Street, a good eight tenths of a mile just because there is no public parking any closer.

While that isn’t a far distance to walk for most, it becomes a burden when temperatures are in the 90s, the sun is blazing down, and journalists are dressed in business attire. And then there’s rainy season to contend with.

We may hear lawyers protest about moving the magistrate’s courts away from downtown because, they will argue, they will have to commute. We’re sure they’ll be more than happy to charge the extra time to take a three minute drive to their clients.

Moving magistrate’s courts is a wise move and one that other downtown businesses may be faced to make as this country grows with more people and vehicles and fewer spots to park their rides. It also makes it easier for moving prisoners in and out of the courts

Thankfully the Planning Department now takes into account the number of parking spaces per office unit so that parking in future office and government buildings won’t become an issue.

The sooner it’s taken away from downtown, the better.