Tough guys square up tonight

Mixed martial arts is the most exciting form of combat sport and tonight Cayman hosts another thrilled pack night with Proving Ground III.

It’s at the King’s Sport Centre in George Town and is guaranteed to generate as much excitement as the first two Proving Ground bills. Six fights are scheduled.

It’s promoted again by Chris Dinan of Relevant Holdings, partnered by Aqua Beach. Crowd-pleasing brothers Bruce and Tim Coulson will be fighting again. Also on the bill are Eric Vincent, Steve Chapman and Nolan Karrumi who is better known as a flag football quarterback. This is his first MMA bout. John Mack, the Next Level flag football QB, was scheduled to fight but busted a rib in training a couple of weeks ago.

‘Tickets are moving very quickly,’ Dinan said. ‘The ringside seats are almost sold out. Everyone gets a free Sparks drink, a new beverage to the island.’

American Karrumi is a Brazilian ju-jitsu fighter. Vincent, another American, is a Greco-Roman wrestler and he too is making his debut. Kick boxer Chapman lost in a classic fight last time. Chappie will get a rematch next time. This bout he takes on Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison, a boxer making his debut.

Bruce Coulson is a boxer and this is his third Proving Ground. Another debutant is Leith Bodden, also a boxer. He takes on bar tender Tom Scully whose experience is as a freestyle fighter. Tim Coulson is a karate expert and is never in a boring match. He takes on wrestler Matt Colton who at 245lbs will be at least 25lbs heavier.

‘All the fights are three rounds only,’ Dinan said. ‘The main event is Tim Coulson and should be another crowd pleaser. It’ll be nice because there’s air conditioning, gates open at 6pm. You’ll probably see the first fight at 7.15pm’

The capacity is limited to 1,100 and tickets are available at Aqua Beach and Coconut Joe’s but can be bought at a few other venues soon. General admission is $55 and for ringside it’s $100.