Love lessons for singles

Understanding love relationships was the topic of a singles seminar recently at Elmslie Memorial Church Hall.

The lunchtime discussion, hosted by Pastor Shian Connor, a marital councillor, gave insight on making the right decisions in choosing potential mates.

Over 30 women and two men devoted their lunch- time hour to hear what Pastor Connor had to say about the mystery of love, problems with love, the search for love and the dynamics of love relationships.

One interesting topic discussed was the 12 steps to love, which covered four stages.

Stage one focused on no touching, looking at the body, making eye contact, and talking with the person. .

Stage two involved holding hands, arms around the shoulders and hugging at the waist, which means showing ownership.

Stage four centred on face to face, hand caressing the head and hand to body.

Stage four concentrated on becoming physically connected by way of kissing and physical contact.

Mr. Connor stressed the importance of following the 12 steps to obtain true love. Starting in the middle was a set up for disaster, he said.