Guinness crisis ends

The Great Guinness Crisis ended Friday night when Cayman Distributors rushed kegs of the beer to several pubs on the island.

Guinness crisis

Pictured enjoying a pint of Guinness at Fidel Murphys Irish Pub & Restaurant during the English FA Cup match Saturday morning are, from left, Michael Kavanagh, Kevin Paschke, Fidel Murphys Manager Mark OKeeffe and Cayman Distributors Sales Rep Brian Moxam. Photo: Alan Markoff

Cayman Distributors Sales and Marketing Manager Kevin Paschke said it usually takes about a full day to properly cool a keg before opening, but that he had the kegs pre-chilled with 100 pounds of ice before delivery to speed up the process.

Michael Kavanagh’s tongue-in-check letter to the editor last week alerted the media to the fact that several pubs had run out of Guinness in the midst of the Six Nations Rugby tournament due to shipping delays and increased consumption of the popular beverage.