Workshops focus on relationships

The Women’s Resource Centre, in partnership with the Department of Community Rehabilitation, is to present a 10-week Healthy Relationship workshop, starting Wednesday, 20 February.

All sessions will run from 6pm to 8pm and will be held at the WRC in Elizabethan Square.

The workshops are intended to equip participants with the tools to develop and maintain healthy relationships with family members, co-workers, and significant others. Attention will also be paid to developing one’s own self-worth and confidence.

WRC Director, Tammy Ebanks-Bishop, said: ‘Knowing what skills and tools are necessary to establish and maintain a healthy relationship is an important step towards increasing optimal well-being in all areas of life.’

The centre’s counsellor and educational facilitator, Cindy Blekaitis, said the workshop topics were chosen particularly to help promote healthy boundaries and communication styles for participants and their families. They were also designed to assist with both personal and work-related relationships.

She said there is a social need for such local workshops since WRC clients continue to deal with issues such as negative self esteem, communication difficulties, co-dependency, and an absence of personal boundary settings.

‘These issues all have a negative effect and create unhealthy, toxic relationships and, in some cases, they are present in domestic violence relationships,’ she added.

Although the WRC encourages participation in all of the workshop sessions in order to receive the maximum benefits, the sessions are designed to facilitate flexible attendance. The workshops are free of cost and both men and women are welcome to attend.

For more information, contact the WRC at 949-0006 or the DCR at 949-1693 or email [email protected] in order to register for the workshops.

The sessions

20 February – What is healthy and unhealthy?

27 February – Self-worth, self-care, core values

5 March – Communication, negotiation, and fairness

12 March – Compatibility, expectations, and roles

19 March – Goal setting, compromise, and teamwork

26 March – Parenting and extended families

2 April – Sexuality and intimacy

9 April – Partnership and equality

16 April – Problem solving and conflict resolution

23 April – Breaking free or rebuilding