Brac 911 is critical

There is no acceptable reason for residents of Cayman Brac to have to call 911 operators in Grand Cayman.

There is a situation here that desperately needs remedying by HSA.

After an emergency here this morning on South Side, West End of Cayman Brac, I phoned 911 and instead of immediately dispatching a Cayman Brac ambulance and EMTs from Faith Hospital or Fire Service ambulance from the fire station – located two minutes from here – the 911 operator, who was kindly but had no idea of the geography of Cayman Brac despite his maps in front of him; despite my precise description of the address where emergency occurred, asked if location was anywhere near Beach Sands Resort.

I said we have no Beach Sands Resort on Cayman Brac, but we do have Carib Sands and Brac Caribbean Beach Resort. I described the condition and location of the emergency patient and hoped for the ambulance and police to arrive quickly.

The ambulance took 15 minutes to arrive here. The police arrived before ambulance did. If the 911 operator in Grand Cayman had known to notify our fire service immediately, the FS ambulance could have arrived within four minutes.

The victim of this emergency – it is not clear what his diagnosis or prognosis is at present – would surely have benefited greatly from 911 Emergency Services centralized by telephone on Cayman Brac and not in Grand Cayman where map readers – kindness and willingness to help notwithstanding – don’t know Spotta Bay from The Rock on Cayman Brac as they spend precious minutes figuring out the lay of the land on map in front of them instead of immediately notifying our local emergency services.

Hopefully, someone at HSA will address this problem and provide a timely solution that benefits the residents of The Brac (and not Grand Cayman).

Nan Socolow – Cayman Brac