Officers share K-9 knowledge


A chance meeting three years ago has seen K-9 officers from Bermuda and the Cayman Islands share knowledge.

Cayman K-9 Officers

Cayman K-9 officers Malachi Powery, left, and Michael Taylor, right, with Bermudas K-9 officer Millard Rawlins. Photo: Jewel Levy

Little did Bermudian correctional K-9 officer Millard Rawlins think after leaving the Cayman Islands after a cricket match in 2005 that he would be back in Cayman seeing how K-9 officers carry out operations.

But Mr. Rawlins’ interest in becoming a K-9 instructor and bringing his three-man team in Bermuda up to a higher level, would soon have him contacting Cayman Customs K-9 instructor Malachi Powery

Mr. Rawlins had met Mr. Powery at the Owen Roberts Airport in 2005 when he was leaving Cayman and they had exchanged K-9 information and cards and promised to keep in touch.

So impressed with what K-9 Instructor Powery had told him, Mr. Rawlins could not wait to get back to Bermuda to share the information with his superiors. Soon was arranged another visit to Cayman – this time on K-9 business.

Once officials from both countries had cleared the proper documents, it was recommended the two get together to share knowledge.

Since arriving in Cayman Mr. Rawlins had the opportunity to work along with Mr. Powery and other K-9 officers gathering information about the way Cayman K-9 dog handlers operate at the prison, seaport and customs. He said some operations were a bit similar to the way they did it in Bermuda but he had identified some areas that could be implemented into Bermuda’s K-9 unit.

‘Dogs are a useful tool for the detection of drugs and other contraband and we are getting on top of the game,’ said Mr. Rawlins. I enjoyed working with the Cayman Islands K-9 unit and I am hoping to take back as much information as I can.

‘It is good that the Cayman Islands prison service and Bermuda prison service have a working relationship where they exchange officers for training. It was a great learning experience for me and I thank those involved for making it possible.’

Mr. Powery who has worked for the Customs Department since 1987 was pleased at the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise with Mr. Rawlins.

He was even more delighted when Mr. Rawlins suggested he do some work with the K-9 unit in Bermuda. Mr. Powery said he would only be too glad to go international to share his expertise with others.

Mr. Powery has received training on dog handling from numerous sources including the Miami Dade K-9 unit. He has also received numerous commendations and loves his dogs, who he says have done a lot to fight crime in Cayman.