Water works wonders

When figure skater Nancy Kerrigan suffered a blow to her knee before the 1994 Olympics, she turned to fitness expert Igor Burdenko, who promptly told her to strip down to bare minimum and dive in – the pool that is. ‘Water training reduces the stress on your joints and strengthens muscles that help keep your body balanced,’ he says.

Completing a Certification as a Conditioning Therapist in the Burdenko Method of Water Therapy has been transformational in my personal and professional life as there is pain-free movement with optimum results like nothing else. In this programme, the body gets in harmony for everyday life without injury. It baffles me to see people continuing to jog with both knees wrapped in support bandages adding injury to injury.

Here’s why water works.

Water is a gravity free environment with no-impact and low-injury and is excellent for overweight individuals who wish to trim down, athletes in training and those with restrictive movements due to injury, aging and lifestyle.

Water therapy involves use of the entire body in a choreographed water dance, not just injured parts, thereby enhancing overall conditioning. The warm water environment also promotes muscle relaxation and efficient movement in a healthy outdoor environment. It’s also fun and releases tension.

In our ocean playground, water is a natural gym and the principles of the Burdenko Method of Water Therapy allow for more balance, flexibility and co-ordination in everyday land-based activity. Posture improves and there is greater range of motion in joints.

Water also promotes a feeling of well-being. The ability to swim is not necessary in the Water Works Wonders programme. Please email [email protected] for information on this wonderful water programme.