Water, the elixir of life

Twice during the past week, the vital issue of drinking adequate amounts of water has come to my attention.

woman drinking

Elixir of life

While standing in line at a local bank, a voice from the back of the line called out to comment on these weekly healthy living columns. The slimming-down lady proceeded to tell me about how important water has become in her life.

Needing emergency medical care, she was faced with trouble when a vein could not be found to insert a needle. The doctors informed her that due to the lack of adequate fluid (water) in her body, her veins were too collapsed. Hence, the large bottle of water tucked under her arm as she stood in line at the bank.

The second incidence occurred during a Water Works Wonders pool programme when clients experienced muscle cramping and related it to the previous evening’s cocktail party and inadequate water intake.

Here in the hot Caribbean sun, water intake is essential, especially for children and adults carrying extra weight. We need pure water for every single bodily function. We can live days without food but not long without water.

Folks who drink coffee, tea, sodas and alcohol are cautioned to increase their water intake to offset dehydrating and the dangers of chemically-made beverages.

To develop the habit of drinking water, Lifestyles recommends you begin your day with a large glass of room-temperature water. Carry a water bottle with you in the car and sip it on the way to work.

Keep a water bottle handy on your desk and refill it during the day. Make a plan to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. Some health proponents suggest not diluting gastric juices with water during a meal, though each of us must form their own opinion on such statements.

Keep a glass of water at your bedside during the night. Encourage your children to increase water, eliminate sodas and decrease sugary juices.


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