Island Air shows off its jet flair

It was all about private jets, fancy cars and expensive jewellery at Island Air on Friday where locals turned out to learn more about the finer things in life.

Over 600 people attended the VIP event featuring jet previews, cocktails and tasty nibbles.

This was the second Annual VIP Cessna Jet preview event.

‘It went really well,’ said Managing Director of Island Air Marcus Cumber. ‘There was an enormous turnout and people said it was even better than they expected.’

The purpose of the event was to promote aviation and ‘the finer things in life’, said Mr. Cumber.

Island Air’s business is in private international charters and the handling of foreign private aircraft to and from the Cayman Islands.

The air services company invited 150 VIPS who they felt might be interested in fractional or outright ownership of a plane or in using charter services. They also invited a further 400 friends and family who they felt may be interested or know someone interested in using Island Air services or some of the other products on show.

As most of its business is conducted with people from overseas in handling their planes Mr. Cumber said that Island Air tends to get a lot of business out of such a showcase because it gives local people a chance to get to see what is on offer and learn about chartering services.

Tropical Aviation Distributors, the exclusive Cessna Aircraft representative for the Caribbean, had three Cessna aircraft on show. These were the CJ3, the Mustang and the Sovereign.

Last year a Sovereign sold as a result of the show and this year there was a lot of interest in the Mustang because of its relative affordability, Mr. Cumber said.

Business, he said, is growing for Island Air. ‘We’re making money and that’s a great start’.

He hopes business can grow further with the growth of high-end tourism and the growth of general aviation in tandem with that, with people either chartering or buying private aircraft, which would put Island Air’s services to use.

‘We’re grateful for any business we get,’ said Mr. Cumber.

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