AL Thompson’s building demolished

Phase II opens this year

Workers have begun demolition of the 36-year landmark known as AL Thompson’s Home Depot.

Lawrence and Corinne Thompson erected the original 22,000-square-foot building – the largest on Grand Cayman then – in 1972 as a warehouse to store goods that they sold from their downtown retail store.

In 1978 Al and Berna Thompson opened the warehouse as AL Thompson’s Home Depot and conducted the retail business from that site, states a press release.

Over many years as the business grew, the Thompson’s added warehouses to accommodate building supplies because the original building, which was not designed to be enlarged, offered few options for expansion.

The store stood solid until September 2004, when Hurricane Ivan removed some of the roof and flooded the space.

Two years ago, the Thompson’s began demolishing the old store building from the rear to accommodate the new structure, which they erected atop much of the old building without interruption of business. To waste as few building elements as possible, they will use rubble from the demolished wall as fill on the site and the old structural steel in other projects.

Just as the Thompson’s opened Phase 1 of the new store in October 2007, on schedule, they anticipate that completion of Phase II and thus the opening of the entire new 110,000-square foot AL Thompson’s will occur later this year.

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