Business owner faces lottery charges

The owner of a George Town business, Linton Nembhard, has been charged with selling lottery tickets and using a place as a common gaming house.

The place is Nembhard’s Pet Shop, located in The Village on Dr. Roy’s Drive.

Four other men have also been charged under the Gaming Law and the five appeared together in the Summary Court dock on Tuesday.

Defence Attorney Clyde Allen told Magistrate Grace Donalds that his client, Nembhard, said he was not selling lottery tickets.

Mr. Allen explained that he did not represent the other men, who took the view that they did not need legal advice.

All charges arise from incidents occurring on 25 January.

Nembhard, 57, and Arlington John Connor, 61, are charged with selling lottery tickets at the shop to Radcliffe Dunn, Kerville Lorraine Johnson and Godfrey Seaton or members of the public.

Dunn, 41, Johnson, 47, and Seaton, 43, are charged with unlawful gaming – that they bought lottery tickets at Nembhard’s Pet Shop.

Crown Counsel Jenesha Bhoorasingh displayed a large box, which she said contained ‘quite a bit of money’ along with documents. Mr. Allen had told her that a lot of the money was not from lottery, but was from legitimate sources.

Both sides agreed there would have to be a special hearing on that issue.

The magistrate set 15 April as the next court date for all defendants and suggested that pleas be entered at that time.

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