Say no to independence

I recently had the pleasure of visiting your island for the first time this past summer while on a cruise.

My family instantly fell in love with the island. I look forward to returning to your beautiful island in the next two weeks (again on a cruise ship).

My family and I have often commented on how smart the Camyanians are for opting to remain under British rule.

We have seen first hand what independence has brought the Jamaicans.

The crime rate is extremely high, the police ineffective, and most of the population lives below poverty level.

I certainly hope that the citizens of the Cayman Islands realise how beautiful and clean their island is (with the exceptions of recent crime) due to self pride and excess monies from the British.

It is my fear that independence could have the same effect on Caymanians that it has had on Jamaicans.

I want to continue to desire visiting the Cayman Islands and leaving it in better condition than I found it.

Being a citizen of the USA and having travelled extensively, I can honestly say that your island is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

It is truly worth the sacrifices to keep it the treasure that it is. God bless the Cayman Islands.

Jeremy Estle

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