UK foreign affairs unit to visit

Members of the UK Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons will visit Grand Cayman from 9 to 11 March as part of its inquiry into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s exercise of its responsibilities in relation to the Overseas Territories.

MPs Sir John Stanley, Paul Keetch and Greg Pope are representing the committee on the visit, said a GIS press release. Their work programme includes meetings to discuss the constitutional review; financial regulation; disaster management; illegal immigration; and human rights. The visitors will also meet with Cabinet and Members of the Legislative Assembly.

The committee is appointed by the House of Commons to scrutinise the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It is made up of backbench MPs from Government and Opposition parties, reflecting the membership of the House as a whole.

At the end of its inquiry the committee will make a report to the House. The UK Government will then have two months to respond to the committee’s recommendations.

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