Ag Show raffle set for Saturday

The drawing for the Agricultural Show raffle will take place on Saturday, 15 March, at the Agricultural Grounds in Lower Valley.

Agricultural Society President James Sherieff said the drawing will take place at 10am during ‘Market at the Grounds’ activities.

Mr. Sherieff and the society’s directors thanked the public for response to the annual Ash Wednesday show, occurring this year on 6 February

He said he and directors expressed to everyone ‘our most sincere appreciation for your patience whilst you waited so calmly for our raffle to materialise. The reason for the unforeseen and mandated delay was in the interest of fairness and financial accountability to our patrons who supported us through the purchase of raffle tickets this year.’

Mr. Sherieff explained that the drawing had to be delayed because there were two raffle ticket books that were not returned by the appointed time on the day of the show to facilitate the customary draw at the end of the show.

‘We could not account for the books and felt it would not be fair to hold the drawing, not knowing if tickets were sold from those books and ticket holders could have been denied their rightful opportunity to their chances of winning,’ Mr. Sherieff said.

He invited the general public and any interested parties to attend the drawing on Saturday, adding that the winners will be published in the media.

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