BHCS opens in Cayman

Business & Human Capital Solutions, a local company specialising in human resource services, recently opened its doors in the Cayman Islands.

Offering a diverse and innovative mix of workforce solutions, BHCS boasts a unique approach to training and development, staff enrichment programmes and manpower management initiatives aimed at getting staff to operate at their maximum potential.

‘Business & Human Capital Solutions is not just another training and development company but one which consciously blends the diversity of the local market into its offerings of both technical and soft skills training,’ Kurt Powell, one of the company’s directors, said in a press release. ‘Our tagline – Making Business Better is What We Do! – is the embodiment of the essence of the company.”

BHCS is supported by a mix of local and international talent and aims to provide a fresh approach to workplace development in the Cayman Islands through the provision of a menu of both tailor-made and structured programmes and services. These include: recruitment and selection, preparation of business plans for small business, training and development, cultural orientation for ex-pat employees, staff enrichment programmes and writing job descriptions, amongst others.


Bookings can me make by contacting BHCS at its office located at Suite10, Grand pavilion, Commercial Centre or by emailing [email protected]. Telephone/Fax: 769-BHCS (2427).

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