People, not dogs, problem

We have once again experienced a senseless killing of one of our four-legged friends, in this case a pit bull called Dexter.

Now, for once I would really like to know what is wrong with these people at the Agricultural Department.

They have killed an innocent animal with no history of being any threat to people.

They simply assume because of the breed that they eventually will attack or kill a human being; totally wrong assumption. It is most, if not all of the time that the animal needs protection from the people. Due to careless and/or ruthless treatment of the animal, the animal gets in trouble. So, who is once again at fault here.

Want to know who are or what is a real threat to people AND animals? People!!

Are we going to euthanize drunks, crack heads, speeding maniacs and all sorts of other lunatics because they may pose a threat to others?
No; of course not. We attempt to rehabilitate, cure, treat or whatever to prevent them from killing something else in the future. Usually we lock them up, at least for a little while.

We must do the same for dogs of all kinds but that takes the everlasting responsibility from its owners to prevent the dog(s) from getting in trouble by means of fencing etc., hence our well known slogan ‘punish the deed, not the breed’!

The one-sided opinion gets increasingly worse by not punishing the owner rather than the dog. At least we have a little law in place that allows us to prosecute a person if we witness cruelty to animals but not fencing a yard or general protection for the animal (from people) is not included in that little law, but it should be.

I will state again, pit bulls in particular among the so-called bad breeds, are generally very loving animals if treated correctly.

We all know that pit bulls are known to be fighters, but they are not, they were trained to fight (ask Michael Vick, he knows). Many pit bulls as portrayed in the very cruel videos released post his capture in training camps, showed that they really did not want to fight and if they eventually did not fight properly; they were inhumanely destroyed. Again and again, people are the real problem, not the dogs. I do believe it is high time our “authorities” get that into their heads, once and for all.

Love is all we need!

Ron Moser

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