Poll: Little faith in planned referendum

Only 56 people – 17.6 per cent – of the 318 respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll believe the referendum concerning the constitutional modernisation will pass by a large majority of voters and a large voter turnout.

Slightly more respondents – 65 people or 20.4 per cent – believe the referendum will fail by a large majority and with a larger voter turnout.

‘People no longer have faith in the PPM or anything they suggest,’ said one person. ‘What a disappointment they are.’

Another 59 people – or 18.6 per cent – believe the referendum would either pass or fail with a small voter turnout.

‘I can’t wait for it to be over,’ said one respondent. ‘It’s boring me to death.’

The largest segment of respondents thought the referendum will be delayed past May. Ninety-three people (29.2 per cent) thought the referendum would be postponed to another time this year.

‘We need more time,’ said one person. ‘Change it to July 2008.’

Forty respondents (12.6 per cent) said they believe the referendum would not happen before the next general election.

‘This proposal is bound to fail because the PPM doesn’t have enough support anymore,’ said one person.

Five people (1.6 per cent) chose ‘other’ in their answer.

‘The constitution should not be passed unless the public has the right to view the entire constitution,’ said one person. ‘I say ‘away with the constitution’ until the public is totally aware and not just listening to what representatives have to say about it.’

Another person took a far more cynical view of the process.

‘Who really cares anymore? It is all nonsense.’

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