Suspect held in homicide case

A suspect arrested last month in connection with the killing of 40-year-old banker Frederic Bise has been remanded on criminal charges unrelated to the homicide.

A police spokesperson said the 28-year-old from West Bay who was arrested has technically been granted police bail in the homicide case but said the other criminal charges required him to remain in custody.

Officials would not comment on whether the man being held is still considered a suspect in Mr. Bise’s death.

The Caymanian Compass is not releasing the man’s name because he has not been charged in the killing.

There have been no other arrests reported in the case.

Mr. Bise, a Swiss national, was found dead in a burning car that had been left in the driveway of a West Bay home on 8 February.

A post-mortem exam revealed that he had suffered blunt force injuries to the head. It’s believed the car fire was intentionally set.

The car was parked in front of a home where Mr. Bise was staying on as a tenant. The home belongs to an airline executive who was not staying there when the incident occurred.

It is understood that Mr. Bise was estranged from his wife, and that the couple were going through divorce proceedings. A case was set to go before the court on 26 February, but no further information was available.

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