Freedom of speech attacked

The editor of Cayman Net News launched toward the beginning of Holy Week a ferocious attack upon some pastors who have, apparently, committed the unpardonable sin to him of exercising their freedom of expression.

The pastors of the Cayman Ministers’ Association understand this extraordinary and unprecedented tirade to be directed chiefly toward them. The association, one of whose stated purposes is to give an agreed voice from the Church on public issues, is well able to answer point by point anything of substance that has been thrown in its direction from this source, and this will no doubt be done in the course of time.

The tirade seems to have been chiefly occasioned by the participation of some 10 pastors in a public meeting at the Family Life Centre, to which we as well as the general public (including of course his own reporter, who I observed entering the hall very late) were all invited by Mr. McKeeva Bush, Leader of the Opposition, and was held to allow expression of the concerns that have been raised about the predictable effect of current forms of a bill of rights upon the society and its churches and schools.

My address to the meeting was titled ‘The Proposal for a Human Rights Commission’.

Mr. Orren Merren (not a ‘man of the cloth’ by my last sighting of him) also addressed the meeting and made trenchant points, as did members of a sizeable and appreciative audience.

How this makes for a ‘coalition of the improbable’ only a tortured mind could explain.

Now that I have forwarded the invitations from Mr. Kurt Tibbetts, Leader of Government Business, to all the pastors and others, to a meeting in the same venue on Wednesday, 26 March. I will have to expect the accusation to be transformed to ‘sycophantic government supporters’.

Should the editor of Cayman Net News, or anybody else, actually desire to examine my address to ascertain what my thinking might be on Human Rights, or my preference for a ‘Charter of Rights, Relationships and Responsibilities’, (in lieu of either newspaper actually presenting it as a supplement), it can be found through the link or at our church web-site.

The Reverend Nicholas Sykes

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