Poll: No to early referendum

A more than 60 per cent majority of the 295 respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll think the referendum on Cayman’s new constitution should either be held next year during the general elections or not at all.

The largest segment of respondents – 109 people or 36.9 per cent – thought the referendum should be held to correspond to the next general election.

‘May next year would not only allow ample time for a civic education programme, it would save the taxpayers from having to pay for two elections,’ said one person. ‘The government’s sense of urgency should be of no matter for something as important as the constitution.’

‘I really do believe the people of the Cayman Islands need more time,’ said someone else.

‘We need to educate the public first,’ said a third respondent.

Sixty-two respondents (21 per cent) thought the referendum should be held in September or later this year.

‘It makes absolutely no sense to vote on a non-document,’ said one person. ‘Hold the referendum after a new constitution document has been hammered out with the UK.’

Thirty-one people (10.5 per cent) thought the referendum should be held in May of this year, as originally planned, while only 24 people (8.1 per cent) thought it should be held in July of this year.

A large segment of respondents – 69 people or 23.4 per cent – thought the referendum on the constitution should not be held at all.

‘The referendum is a farce,’ said one respondent. ‘The government is going to do what it wants to do no matter what the people say in a referendum. Why not save the money and trouble and just do it then? I doubt if many people would show up to vote in a referendum anyway.’

Another person did not think Cayman needed a new constitution.

‘The current constitution has served this country well,’ said the respondent. ‘Keep what we have because we don’t know what we will get.’

Someone else was more interested in the cost of the process.

‘Will Government tell us how much the constitution review process costs, including the rush to get voters to register by 29 February?’ asked one respondent.