Butterfield’s credit soars

The softball Co-Ed League reached its conclusion with some glorious home runs befitting a night of champions.


Two players from Home Gas.

Roars of dismay and approval rang through the night air at the Field of Dreams on Monday as the A, B and C Leagues crowned their champions.

The C League welcomed DHL Braves as the new champs. They beat Maples and Calder 9-5.

DHL skipper David Gooding said: ‘Tonight was a well organised night. We lost five runs in the first inning but came back quite well to recompose ourselves and win. It was a well put together effort.’

Andres Kirchmen and Gooding got home runs.

DHL have done exceptionally well in their debut season, finishing 10-2 in regular games.

Gooding added: ‘Although we’re newly formed, we felt confident from day one. Most of us are footballers, so I don’t know why we’ve done so well this season. But we’re all sportsmen with natural ability, so it came natural to us.’

They’re confident they can step up to the B League next season and be equally as successful.

‘I don’t know if we can win the B League but we will definitely try,’ he added.

Butterfield Bank were the champions in the B League, beating KPMG B 23-7. Both sides get promoted to the A League next season.

Butterfield captain Al Lovinggood said: ‘It was a hard fought game and KPMG B was an excellent team. They’re always fun to play against.

‘It was pretty tight through the first few innings then we pulled away at the end. What gave us the edge at the end was superb fielding. We actually got our hits down, we weren’t trying to swing for the fence.

‘And my wife, what can I say? She made the game-winning hit.’

Is Lovinggood looking forward to a higher level of competition? ‘Hell no,’ he joked. ‘It’s called the B League and the B stands for beer.

‘We always come out for fun and to drink beer. In the B League every team is out here for fun but the A League they’re pretty serious. They suck the fun out of softball. Those guys are dead serious and I bet they’re not drinking right now. Luckily for us, nobody gets hurt.

Al’s wife Malaqui Lovinggood was so proud of her first ever home run.

‘It was my first and last, I’m pretty sure,’ she laughed. ‘When I hit it I wasn’t sure it was going to be a home run but we wanted to end the game with one and as the last batter I was the only one left to do it.’

Malaqui was carried around the pitch as if she had just won the World Series. She added: ‘Butterfield Bank has been very supportive. Great shirts, their mascot even came out for one game.’

Home Gas won the A League, beating Watler Standing Seam 10-8.

Dayne Brady is the sponsor, pitcher and Home Gas coach. When TeleCayman pulled out last year, Home Gas came in to sponsor the side led by Rex Whittaker and the rest of his family.

‘The season’s been fantastic,’ Brady said. ‘We’ve had ups and downs and great games. We’ve lost to Walter Standing Seam twice in the regular season so it was nice to come back and beat them.

‘Defence was the key tonight. There were no home runs hit but some doubles and triples. Everyone did fantastic.

Home Gas hope to win the championship a third year running now but Butterfield Bank has promised to thwart them from doing that.