Portion control

A small step that makes a huge difference in weight management is quantity/portion control. Are you somebody who eats to the bottom of the bag or keeps going back for second helpings? Simple steps to help change these habits include:

Awareness. Ask yourself: Why am I eating so much? What is fueling my urge to eat to the bottom of the bag? Am I truly hungry?

Portion control of snacking foods.

? Purchase one-serving size selections rather than bulk.

? Measure a serving according to the label directions.

? Eat from dishes, not containers or bags. Ice Cream can be tough to control from the container .

Portion control tips at mealtimes

? Use smaller plates, bowls and glasses.

? At a deli/salad bar, choose a smaller take-away container.

? Start with a hearty salad or light soup before the entrée.

? Pile vegetables on the plate first, then protein and carbohydrate.

Be aware of the fast-food industry marketing: ‘More is better!’ Large portions at cheaper prices. Portions have doubled and tripled over the years, as have waistlines and obesity statistics.

By practicing portion control, you can enjoy your favourite foods, including desserts, and maintain a healthy weight.


Developing your own personal code: ‘I deserve quality food, not quantity food’ is one of the many skills taught in the weekly classes by Lifestyles, classes where losing weight is for a lifetime. For information. email [email protected]