500 Club proves elusive

Racers gave their all but in the end found the 500 Club to be out of reach.

Breakers Speedway was the site of the 500 Club competition on Saturday 26 April. Racing started at 6pm and went until 11pm.

The competition saw 32 drivers come out to race. With everything from stock sedans and modified import cars to muscle cars and race bikes, crowds were treated to a little bit of everything.

Though all of the drivers took numerous runs, none were able to break into the 500 Club. The closest on the day were within thousands of a second of the perfect time.

Clarence Watler was awfully close in his Chevrolet Camaro. He had a reaction time of .517s. In addition, Jason Henry in his Nissan Sentra was just off the mark in a time of .519s. A perfect reaction time is .500s or 500ths of a second.

As a result no one was able to claim the prize. $500 cash was on offer for each person that reached the .500s time.

On a whole, attendance on the night was below expectations. Some 40 people showed up to watch the action. Speculation at the time was that the majority of people were at the Cayman Motorsports Association monthly time attack event that night.

However those that did come out were treated to breath-taking displays of power and style. One of the highlights on the night was seeing a brand-new orange Saleen Ford Mustang throw down its 400 plus ponies. Also a white Subaru Impreza WRX was a crowd favourite with its tall black spoiler, low stance and white rims.

Some notable drivers were also in attendance. Runner-up in March’s fastest car event Dwight Edmund made his presence known. In his grey Evo III adorned with decals, Edmund propelled his ride 60 feet from the starting line in just 1.735s.

Even track owner Robert Campbell got in on the action. Campbell could be seen smoking out the track with impressive burnouts. Campbell and his black Mazda Miata made a few runs and raced against whoever challenged him to a grudge match.

To date, nine people have achieved a perfect reaction time at the track. Six drivers used sports cars, two used a motor bike and there was one truck that got in on the action.

The first member of the club was Nicholas Washington on his first time at the track. He used a Mazda RX-7 to accomplish the feat in December 2006.

Since then the following people and their rides have reached the time: Michael Williams in his Mitsubishi Evolution III, Joe ‘Myrie’ Powell in a Chevrolet Corvette, Jason Henry in his Nissan Lucino, Robert Thompson in a Dodge truck, Humberto Rives and Dwayne Forde on motorcycles and Paul McField in his Honda Integra. The last person to hit the perfect time was Roje Williams in a black Toyota Starlet.

Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell says all the members of the club were issued a certificate. He says he is open to adding anyone who feels they were left out.

‘Anyone who did not collect a certificate should bring their time slip reflecting the perfect reaction time to CARS Ltd.’

Campbell said he was happy that racers with all sorts of vehicles attempted the feat. He said those drivers will walk away from the event with a better appreciation for lighting systems and quick reflexes.

Campbell went on to say his focus now will be on awarding those people who can reach the 400ths of a second mark.

‘There was a cash prize for the .500s time and that is now gone. Now I’m offering CI $400 to the first person to hit the .400s time using the 400ths of a second lighting system.

‘This will apply to any kind of race at the track. Whether it happens at a competition or during a grudge match, once you reach that time you get paid.’

Campbell is also in the midst of adding on to the track. Among his plans are constructing a road course for circuit racing and extending the drag strip.

The next big race scheduled at Breakers Speedway is a hot rod contest. Tentatively set for 16 June, action will focus on American muscle cars and drag cars.

For more information about the latest with Breakers Speedway contact Robert Campbell at 916-2222.

American muscle flexed their stuff as a Camaro and a Mustang face off Photos: Matthew Yates

Tuner cars were all over Breakers Saturday night