Advocates back forest

Student: ‘We have enough roads’

Cayman residents took a stand in the preservation of the Ironwood Forest Wednesday at a gathering on the grounds of the Government Administration building.

The organised event was in protest of government’s proposed roadwork slated to go through the forest, which is located behind the University College of the Cayman Islands.

On site protestors encouraged residents to sign petitions, gather information about the forest and lend a hand in protecting a natural heritage of the island.

A number of students from Montessori By The Sea, armed with a petition, shared their ideas and feelings about the preservation of the Ironwood Forest.

Montessori’s Jared Harrison, joined by classmate Hunter Walton, said he wanted to make a difference in keeping the island beautiful. ‘Save the trees – we have enough roads,’ he said.

Zoe Conolly, also from Montessori By The Sea said, ‘What would happen if we cut down all the trees? Animals would have no home and trees give off lots of oxygen, which is good for the environment in every way.’

Ironwood Forest advocate Marilyn Conolly said it was time residents stood up to protect the natural environment of these islands.

‘If it means getting enough people to stand in front of the bulldozers clearing the forest we will protest,’ she said.

The area (also called the Heritage Forest) was slated to be the first national forest in the Cayman Islands.