Follow local hoops online

Local basketball fans can now keep up with all the action on the web.

Offering one of the few Cayman sporting websites, the Cayman Islands Basketball Association hopes to keep followers on the ball.

The website’s address is With everything from in-depth statistics covering team and individual performances and a photo gallery showing recent events, the CIBA website has plenty for fans to digest.

One of the biggest features of the website is the constantly updated scores from the various leagues.

Located under the ‘Competition/Results’ section, individuals can find out the upcoming fixtures, current standings and latest statistics for all of the ongoing leagues.

As CIBA Competition Committee Chairman Colin Anglin says, the site is designed for the public to stay current on all local hoops happenings.

‘Stats are online roughly a day or two after games. We update the news section as often as we can with articles coming from Rohan Marshall and the rest of the Public Relations Committee.’

The site’s homepage features the latest news and happenings with pictures and articles produced by CIBA. There are also links to the websites of various sponsors and to the current news in FIBA.

Speaking of links, the site boasts many external ones. These links guide coaches and enthusiasts to information about FIBA regulations, improving play and general drills.

Most residents might not know it but CIBA has actually had a website for quite some time. CIBA originally launched its website some two years ago.

Anglin says the site has changed little since it first went online. He feels the site has everything fans would want to know.

‘I feel it’s catered to all our needs the way it’s designed. The basic components are there and there has been plenty of positive feedback.’

In fact the site has garnered significant interest over the years. When it first started up, the site averaged about 4-5,000 hits a month. These days the site garners roughly twice that amount with some 10-15,000 views per month.

Anglin feels much of the recent attention has come from the players and young people passing on their knowledge of the site.

‘I’m lead to understand the site has been popular among teenagers and young people. The young players say they feel good that they can go on there and see themselves.

‘Also players abroad [at college] use it to stay informed of events here.’

Anglin has served as the chief administrator of the site since its inception. CIBA reportedly sent him abroad for a training course to learn how best to manage the site.

In the long-term, CIBA hopes to have other people manage the site as well. Anglin says a system could be in place where certain parts of the site are under the care of certain people.

Anglin went on to say officials from other local sporting associations should use CIBA as an example of how to expand their audience.

‘FIBA encourages member countries to use specific software [for their websites] called FIBA Organizer. It is a really good piece of software that makes updating very easy.

‘Other associations should take a look at it. As their sport grows they’re going to need a web presence as well.’

For more information contact Colin Anglin at 949-7082.