Ronaldo’s maturity matches Av’s grit

Manchester United look set to win the league this week and it could come tonight without them even kicking a ball.

If Chelsea lose at Newcastle, the Premiership goes to Old Trafford for a second successive season – and deservedly so.

Man Utd beat West Ham 4-1 on Saturday in another stylish display of classy football. Ronaldo – who else? – hit two and Tevez and Carrick got the others. The only negative for Man Utd was that Nani was sent off for aiming a head butt at Lucas Neill, who had appeared to push the winger in the back.

That victory put Utd three points ahead of the Blues and virtually untouchable with one game to go, away to Wigan on Sunday. Chelsea’s final game is at home to Bolton.

I’m a lifelong Chelsea and although it would be nice for them to win the league, their drab style is not in the same class as Man Utd’s swashbuckling football.

Ronaldo is undoubtedly the world’s best right now. Forty goals say so. The youngster used to perform like a circus act when he first arrived at Old Trafford. Lots of pretty stepovers but no penetration.

Since then he’s developed in a world class attacking midfielder who can glide pass players at will, cross from impossible angles and smash free kicks through the most tightly organised defence.

United can have the Prem, what I desperately want to see is Chelsea beating them in the Champions League final in Moscow on May 21.

What a fitting tribute that will be to Chelsea boss Avram Grant who when he took over in September everyone, me included, asked Avram who? I predicted he would be so useful that after five matches the next coach would be wheeled in.

What a turn up! The man has made the same sort of impact as Arsene Wenger did when he took over at Arsenal a decade ago. He too came from nowhere and many doubted his ability to manage such a big job and look what’s happened in the decade since!

The English Premier League has always been viewed as the most exciting of the top European ones but the world’s best prefer to earn their fortunes in the more sophisticated Italian and Spanish leagues.

With three English teams in the Champions League semis last week, the Barclays Premier League can now boast that it really is the premium one, possibly in the world.

Each side comprises of a United Nations of players from all parts of the globe. It is easily the most cosmopolitan of all leagues, much to the detriment of the England national side.

England players are in a minority in all the clubs, not just the top four, which is hurting the national programme. Nevertheless, it’s led to a fabulously entertaining league.

When Chelsea beat Liverpool in the Champions League semi, albeit luckily, Grant was on his knees, seemingly thanking the Lord for his good fortune.

But it’s not luck that took Chelsea to the within a hair’s breath of winning the Prem and their first ever European Cup final.

It was a competent if never exciting team along with a gifted and highly underrated manager in Grant. How fitting that the final is in Moscow, Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich’s capital city.

A fairytale ending is in order here, but the Red Devils are going to make Chelsea go through a kind of hell to get it.