Alphasoft is now VMware certified

Alphasoft Ltd. has received the first VMware Enterprise Partnership in the Cayman Islands.

Senior Consultant and Solutions Architect Andy Hunn and Network and Access Infrastructure Engineer Martin McQuillan can now add VMware certified professionals and VMware sales professionals to their long list of qualifications, enabling Alphasoft to offer its clients network infrastructure solutions that will revolutionise the way their clients do business, states a press release.

‘The enterprise partner level of the VMware VIP programme will help customers design, plan and deploy both traditional computing infrastructures and virtual infrastructures,’ says Mr. Hunn.

VMware’s broad and proven suite of virtualization solutions addresses a range of complex challenges facing IT organizations, including:

Server consolidation & Infrastructure Optimization: VMware technology – including the industry’s only complete virtual infrastructure — helps organizations consolidate servers and increase utilization rates, greatly reduce power and cooling costs, and manage and automate IT processes for maximum availability, performance and scalability.

Business continuity: With exclusive features such as automated load balancing and live migration of virtual machines, VMware technology enables organizations to increase uptime and reduce the cost and complexity of meeting high availability and disaster recovery objectives.

Software lifecycle automation: Developers and other IT professionals use VMware solutions to streamline the software development and testing process, reduce server provisioning time, and improve software quality.

• Enterprise desktop management: Enabling enterprises to better manage and control their desktop systems, VMware helps customers speed deployments, administer systems from a central location, and provide end-users with a physical-PC experience.

VMware offers customers a superior choice for virtualization solutions through:

• Mature, production-proven products of unparalleled performance, robustness and reliability.

• The industry’s only complete virtualization infrastructure, enabling virtualized assets to be aggregated and deployed as a shared utility for dynamic, automated, always-on computing.

• Platform neutrality and open standards for greater interoperability and the flexibility to create shared resource pools independent of specific OS and hardware platforms.

• Maximum value through rapid ROI, lower ownership costs, and a scale-as-you-grow adoption cycle of escalating value.

Alphasoft Ltd. will be offering VMware presentations and demonstrations in the coming months, giving interested parties a firsthand look at this software.