Gay man was wrong

I just want to congratulate the people of the Cayman Islands for holding the values that many of us in America have forgotten.

I was a recent visitor to Grand Cayman and was dining with my family at the Royal Palms on Wednesday night.

During that night while with my young children I saw two men passionately kissing.

What seemed to be a plain clothes police officer approached the men and spoke with them. One of the gay men simply gave the officer a rude gesture and continued kissing the other person.

The officer then arrested the young man in question and escorted him out of the premises. As my family and I left, we saw the young man getting into the back of a police car and a young blonde lady who obviously was the gay man’s friend screaming and complaining about his arrest.

She herself should be ashamed of her conduct. She looked like a street walker the way she was dressed.

It is very sad to see that morals in other countries are being brought into such a beautiful country.

We have been coming here since our kids were two and now they are eight and 10 and do not want them exposed to people like this.

The Cayman Islands is a beautiful place and place high values on their Christian heritage. I want to congratulate the police officer for not standing down to these men and this rude lady and for doing his job. If gays want to play and have fun, do it in the privacy of their own homes.

Yes the Cayman Islands is expensive to visit and even more expensive to visit every year but if I know we can have a vacation without the likes of these individuals making bad public scenes and putting influence of such behaviour into our children then I will come here every year for as long as I can.

I love it here and I love the traditional values.

Keep up the good work Cayman and let people of immoral values learn they are not welcome in God’s country.

Raymond Sanders