Wenger will rebuild

(BBC) Arsene Wenger accepts Arsenal paid a heavy price for not building on their ‘invincibles’ squad of four seasons ago – but is in no doubt the future is bright for the Gunners.

Despite all of their fine passing football traditions, the Gunners have not been officially crowned the best team in England since they swept all before them in the unbeaten campaign of 2003-04.

Wenger, though, remains supremely confident in his young squad, one which was built on the promise of youth rather than big-money signings as Arsenal faced up to the true cost of their move to the purpose-built, 60,000-seater venue at Ashburton Grove, which has saddled them with a $600 million long-term mortgage debt.

“At the time, we decided to build a stadium, which cost a lot of money,” he said.

“We decided to go for a policy where we could survive without buying too much. We knew the resources were short and we suffered a little bit.

“But this season we were really, really close. No team has been punished more than we have and we have still only lost three games. We tried and we closed the gap.”

Wenger is upbeat Photo: AP