A heart warming donation

Little League gets defibrillator

According to the experts, on the spot treatment for heart failure is vital for a successful recovery. Defibrillators are an essential piece of equipment which can save lives and are therefore extremely important in the recovery process.

Cayman Heart Fund is a newly established on-island organisation which has embarked on a campaign to raise public awareness of the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest.

The owners of the Cracked Conch restaurant, Bill and David Maines, recently donated a defibrillator to Cayman Heart Fund, which was duly presented to the fund’s patron, Governor Stuart Jack and Chairman, Suzy Soto, by the restaurant’s General Manager, Mathew Moore.

Wasting no time in ensuring the equipment went to a good cause, Governor Jack and Mrs. Soto immediately presented the defibrillator to J.C. Calhoun, who received it on behalf of the Cayman Islands Little League children’s baseball association.

Bill Mains said he was moved by a story from the States in which a young lacrosse player died on pitch from a freak accident in which a blow to his chest stopped his heart.

‘Buying a defibrillator for Cayman’s Little League was an obvious move to ensure that our young people have access to immediate assistance, should such an accident ever happen here,’ confirmed Mr. Mains. ‘We are delighted to help the Cayman Heart Fund and therefore the Little League in this way.’


The Cayman Heart Fund is a non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the reduction of heart and circulatory disease in the Cayman Islands. Heart and circulatory disease, known as cardiovascular disease, is the biggest health problem in the Cayman Islands.