Century are champs again

Century 21 recently showed that they could do well playing on grounds, not just selling them.

Century 21 are the new division one five-a-side football champions. They upset Burger King on Monday night 6-1.

King’s Sports Centre was the site of all the action. A fair amount of spectators showed up to take in the high intensity play and level of talent on the field.

The sides featured a host of past and present local football players. Among the better known stars are Olsen Bush, Immer Carter, Dion Brandon, Lee Ramoon and Leon Whittaker.

Thus it was no coincidence that both squads would end up in the final. Burger King came into the playoffs just short of winning the regular season title with 24 points while Century 21 had the fourth best record in the league.

Both teams went into the title game after competing in grinding playoff matches. Burger King got by eight-seeded Island Paving before squeezing past third-seeded Miracle Brokers last Monday.

Meanwhile Century 21 took down Marlon Robinson and the dangerous Caybrew All-Stars before pulling a huge upset of top-seeded CML Claymores and their star duo of top scorers Ben Marler and Steve McIntosh.

It was obvious going into the game that Century 21 were riding a lot of momentum. They even had the confidence of keeping up with the Burger King squad. The two teams played twice in the regular season and both matches ended in a draw.

The title game turned out to be a technical affair. Both squads spaced themselves out on the court and could be seen breaking off into familiar football formations. Both teams also executed tight passes and went up and down the court in a flash.

Though the game was highly competitive it was clear, with the passion Century 21’s players displayed, that they were not to be denied the title.

In the end, the game came down to scoring opportunities. Both squads boasted a solid offense and defense. However Century 21 took it to Burger King from the get-go and never looked back.

Nahun Rodriguez was the star for Century 21. The small West Bayer led his team to victory netting four goals on the night.

Brian Braggs and Kenzel Dixon also scored for Century 21. Meanwhile Kirk Walton had the lone goal for Burger King.

Century 21 now has two five-a-side titles. Roughly six months ago, they won the division two championship with basically the same team.

Athletic Director at King’s Sports Centre Raymond Singh said Century 21 showed their greatness on the night.

‘They put on quite a show in a very dominant win over a strong and higher seeded team.

‘Congratulations to Kel Thompson and the rest of the folks over at Century 21, as they have a new title to be very proud of.’