Killers are demon possessed

The killings of the iguanas is the most horrible and vicious brutality that I have heard of in Cayman.

What next?

These harmless creatures are innocent and I think the whole population, except the murderers, will feel this.

I hope that the perpetrators of this crime will be found and dealt with very harshly.

The person or persons that have committed these unforgivable acts, when found, must be dealt with very harshly as they are highly dangerous in our society.

My God, where are we going?

Our people, especially the young ones, are getting more and more violent every day and the moral structure of our society is breaking down.

Sometimes I feel like I should sell everything and run because I do not like what I am seeing in the horrendous growth and breakdown of family life here.

Bring these demon-possessed murderers to justice for all of us to see.

Tootie Eldemire