Killing Blues shows cowardice

I, as any lover of animals and culture, am deeply sickened, saddened, and angered by this unfathomable, cowardice, mean slaughter of innocent and trusting animals.

I am very disheartened to know that there are such people in the world and especially in our country.

Not that we would understand the answer, but I must ask, what could possibly have been the madmen’s purpose?

This slaughter is a glaringly stark contrast between last week’s story about a man finding an 11-year-old iguana in the wild and rescuing it, as the latter gives us hope in the goodness of mankind, but the former dashes those hopes.

Now I can only hope that we can find a form of suitable justice when we locate the murderer, which we will do, and that the surviving iguanas and their caretakers recover from the weekend’s trauma.

Patricia Anne Rice